Introduction to the Island of Ar

GEOPOLITICS OF THE ARCHIPELAGO A Heirophant Druid is organizing an army. The armies are Demi-humans: ogres, goblins (no Orcs) other Unseelie, these Unseelie being worshippers of the divine wind…an everlasting Tornado that inhabits a active Volcanic crater. The Elemental Goddess of Air seeks to reclaim much of the magic that is been soaking into a […]

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Thebar History One

Epimetheus in Elven/Dwarven, English, Latin. Imprisoned the Lords or Avatars of Water in sleek cylinders chained to the edge of a great slab. Billions of gallons that flow and form the Great Waterfall obscures the prisons. The mixed blood of internecine wars of the humanoid establishment emanates as a mystical barrier though which Divine and […]

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Motion Capture Theater

MOCAP and THEATER One could mocap a drummer with specific directions, but it would still have to be a drummer. There is something in the skill. Improvisation never quite gets to skill, therein, some improvisation needs rehearsal. After that its just called an act. A few skills dovetail with Performing an act, or being fake […]

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Parallel Transitions and Troodon

PROGRAMMING INTERMEDIATORS, or phase transition features, not rules. There is a way of cutting on an Ozu “vase”.  A “vase”, as the word is a proxy for perhaps a dead butterfly, a still life with plums, wind outside  window blowing snow, etc. Anything quotidian, in the scene This is, to naturally imitate, in the motion […]

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