Testimony to the World of Ar


A hierophant druid is raising an army out of a Volcano permanently inhabited by a tornado.
The Ogre-goblin demihumans on Wild isle worship the Air God, a god who is plotting war against Epimetheus. They are the outcasts who live by simple rules. They are becoming literate and lawful.
Epimetheus is entombed by Hardlings and so has provided a demon lord the power to corrupt the original humaniod.
The Proteans civilization is undead, underground. They are shape-changing undead.
The Sandmen are neutral proteans of a degnerate speciation. They can inhabit and influence through dreams. They whisper news to the Protean Undead King.
The chaotic goodly lords and clerks who sometimes appear in the mysterious temples, are half- human, half-protean, and can mold their bodies. As people, they are not aware they all apear the same height.
They share intelligence with the Great Illusionist of the Tower, who is cursed to inhabit a dogs body but uses a dog to ventriloquate through…a dog in the shape of a human.
Many strange magic items are availalbe, all are limited use.
Magic Armor that does not “fit instantly” nor unencumber.

The Swamp and the Elves.
The Elfs are confused, it is a fragile community of planar sages that inhabit and influence
O’ka-O’kan. They are supplied by Dwarven planar magic items. They communicate with Earth, (HIstorically to Sci Fi) as per 1860-1920’s Faerie illustrations: almost always small.

There is a militant group that believes the past and future are Annihilation, and any creation makes them furious for the spoiling. So they live like savages except for weapons…the wildernes men of Bronze-Age/lesser magic weapons.
Deepdoor is another degenerate speices that worships dread and imprisoned gods.


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