Missives from the Duke’s Orb

The Spy’s report

A: General kidnapped by the Black Practice, once know as ‘the Damned’ had Information about Ranger station Ardu.
Rumors of a shadowy dragon running amok in gloom town.
The Vampire Hunt Parade is tonight.
Tomb robbers taken again. Thats seven hundred and forty five this year.
Nobody’s heard from Burbank for 3 months. We suggest investigating a wizards tower.
DUKE: Whose spying on the smugglers to find the Pirate cove?

A: Theives from the Contigency, they are raiding Sumitomo, a Black Wizard.
DUKE: Make an arrest on Noble Clerk recently allied with the Temple Thanatos.
Discover the locked and boarded up dock buildings.
A Exits

B: The Dwarf conspiracy
Severins Tower seald by Cressida
Haunted Elven warehouse.
Surrounding Territory
Swamp, Draghond, Duegar
C: Pools Pirates City
Monkey Island Arf, Extinct Volcano citadel
D: Dargar Waterfall (Juggernaut, Darger, Young Dragon) Stone Giants, Cloud Giants
Darkling woods, Bonfire, Druid
Sylvan wood, Giant Tombs, Dwarves,
E: Ranger station, Ogre Stonghold Dargar
Swamp Dargar
Gar the mountain top reputed to have the red…dragon


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