Day in the Life of Thebar


Sorcerers of the Bland Hand attack the Temple.
A sage of the University disappears
A major spy paying out to both the Confederacy of the Twilight and the Temple.
A party of explorers reaches Cragkeep and sends a message (via bird) before they are destroyed by the Formorian Giants.
Elven warriors land at Bagnot to hunt an unleashed elemental running amok
A large battle is pitched in Broken Walls between Theives B and A…no other specifics.
A group of thieves are slain trying to steal from a noble house. (slain by the guard).
Bal joins his hobgoblins to a priest of the Temple. (120 soldiers)
The Alchemist of the Hill produces 60 more draughts of invisibility
The Darklings attack and burn an outpost in the Darkling Wood.
The other outpost slays the assaunt with a concentration of arrows. The Dukes guard
outpost reports this to the Duke, a spell singer song of this:

The old tower by the prison falls silent

I tell of a small battle
In a woods far away.
Dark in the night
and darkn in teh day.

Were they brave soldiers
or too drunk to run away?

Up to the walls
high and well-made
crept the chidren of darkness
to the children of day.


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