Motion Capture Theater

MOCAP and THEATER One could mocap a drummer with specific directions, but it would still have to be a drummer. There is something in the skill. Improvisation never quite gets to skill, therein, some improvisation needs rehearsal. After that its just called an act. A few skills dovetail with Performing an act, or being fake […]

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Parallel Transitions and Troodon

PROGRAMMING INTERMEDIATORS, or phase transition features, not rules. There is a way of cutting on an Ozu “vase”.  A “vase”, as the word is a proxy for perhaps a dead butterfly, a still life with plums, wind outside  window blowing snow, etc. Anything quotidian, in the scene This is, to naturally imitate, in the motion […]

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Apocalypse Inc. War

Adapted from Henry the Fifth by Shakespeare SCENE I An ante-chamber in the INKY’S palace. Enter the BARRY, and the ELY BARRY Ely, the bill was presented in the eleventh hour and during such chaos, that the Chief’s stalled on it. ELY How can we resist it now? BARRY Think about it. If it passes […]

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Crazy Horse; a biopic

CRAZY HORSE Copyright 2011 James Ross 1, EXT. NOON, Black Hills Bear Butte, soil skirts a sheer cliff. Lakota lodges are on the plains near the butte, with one Tipi separate from the rest. A fine mist in the air, a storm passing on in the background sky. 2, EXT. Black Hills Drum beat-War Music, […]

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Ballads of Thebar Adventure

Conventional action and plot fantasy ballads composed while playing table top games THE PACKAGE PART ONE Boobin Brookshire was a liar, but he acquired many things. I so desired to be like him that he introduced me, late one evening, to someone more than a friend. There I sat in the cluttered den, when, silent […]

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