The 50’s?

I have no memory of the fifties. I have some of the sixties, but it is also a carry-over from the sixties…how kids and schools spent their money and dressed themselves up, and what shows were on tv…into the seventies. A kind of pause in the market churning. A lot of toy fads…is that a […]

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A day in the life of Ragnorak

An Apocalypse Quotidian. A giant ball of steam around a more quickly beaten near smooth planet, still pulverized by swirling giganta scale cyclones wrought with continent sized clouds, whirled antipodes, two cyclopean eyes spinning either side of the globe, around and around, storms worthy of Neptune’s and Jupiter’s. Salt crystals of silicon and carbon, super […]

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Day in the Life of Thebar

RUMORS OF THEBAR Sorcerers of the Bland Hand attack the Temple. A sage of the University disappears A major spy paying out to both the Confederacy of the Twilight and the Temple. A party of explorers reaches Cragkeep and sends a message (via bird) before they are destroyed by the Formorian Giants. Elven warriors land […]

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Testimony to the World of Ar

THE ORACLE SPEAKS: THEBAR A hierophant druid is raising an army out of a Volcano permanently inhabited by a tornado. The Ogre-goblin demihumans on Wild isle worship the Air God, a god who is plotting war against Epimetheus. They are the outcasts who live by simple rules. They are becoming literate and lawful. Epimetheus is […]

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Missives from the Duke’s Orb

The Spy’s report A: General kidnapped by the Black Practice, once know as ‘the Damned’ had Information about Ranger station Ardu. Rumors of a shadowy dragon running amok in gloom town. The Vampire Hunt Parade is tonight. Tomb robbers taken again. Thats seven hundred and forty five this year. Nobody’s heard from Burbank for 3 […]

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